What's the difference between standard and deluxe photo customization?

Standard photo customization includes simple background options, colors, and messaging. Deluxe photo customization offers extensive design options and custom logo creations. You will work with a member of our team to describe your ideal design and they wll create proofs for you to review. We will make every effort to design the perfect strip for your event!


What's the difference between enclosed and open air booth?

The main difference is that one has the classic feel of entering a "booth" that is enclosed by a frame and curtain. The open air "Selifie" kiosk has a large backdrop, flash, and lighting. It is often described as the Hollywood Red Carpet feel. Both use the same functionality and print on the spot. The enclosed booth fits about 6 people, where the open air can fit 12+ people! It really is just a matter of preference as all of our booths deliver an awesome experience!


Does setup and tear down count towards my hours I paid for?

Absolutely not! The hours you pay for are actual hours of operation that the booth will be in use. We will arrive at least one hour prior to the event to setup, and will not tear down until the end of the operation hours. If you want to have be setup and ready for more than one hour, we offer early setup at a very affordable rate of $15 per hour of Idle Time.


Can I add services to my existing package?

Yes! We can customize every aspect of your photo booth experience to meet your needs!


What are your space and power requirements?

We generally can fit into a wide variety of spaces. Optimally though we would like to have at least a 15 foot by 13foot space to operate in. If you have any concerns, just call or email and describe your space you would like the booth to be setup in. We only need access to one three prong outlet within 20 feet of the booth!